The Walk Log Screenshots

Walker's Dashboard

Walker's Dashboard
  • Personal dashboard highlights most relevant aspects of your running
  • Quickly navigate through your activity log directly from your dashboard!
  • Keep inspired by displaying your favorite photos.
  • Interactive chart on home page allows you to chart most recent training activities
  • Quick entry allows you to add twalks so you can login, enter run, and go!

Training Calendar

Training Calendar
  • Easily compare planned workouts versus actual walk data side by side.
  • Customizable and easy to navigate calendar view.
  • Calendar will highlight upcoming training workouts and past walking activities.
  • View past walks and actual workout stats.
  • Toggle between week and montly views

Walking Entry

Activity Detail
  • Flexible activity entry page allows you to selectively enter data that makes sense for you.
  • Walking route
  • Date and time
  • Walk distance (miles, kilometers, yards, or meters
  • Total time
  • Number of steps
  • And so much more!

Walking Log

Walking Log
  • View your walks in a customizable list view.
  • Unique filtering function allows you to view your walkin log from many different perspectives. Filter by walking route and/or date.
  • Mini-Calendar display allows you to view your walking coverage for the past 3 months.
  • Customize the columns you want to see in your walking log.

Course Management & Statistics

Course Management & Course Statistics
  • Manage walking routes and view statistics all on one screen!
  • For each walking route, The Walk Log instantly shows you:
    • Number of walks
    • Total distance walked
    • Total time walked
    • Total steps walked
    • Average distance walked
    • Average pace
    • Average speed
  • Keep track of course information such as location and surface type.
  • Specify a default activity type and distance for quick entry later on!

Customizable Charting

Customizable Charting
  • Chart your activities uns by Workout Distance, Total Time Ran, Average Pace, or Average Heart Rate.
  • Quickly toggle chart between line, area, or bar charts.
  • Zoom features allows you to quickly view a particular time frame on any chart.
  • Chart individual activites OR summarize activities by month or year.
  • Filter runs you want to display on your charts with the unique Charting Filters.
  • Activity summary box shows numerous statistics for activities that are currently charted.

Lifetime & Annual Statistics

Lifetime and Annual Statistics
  • View your life time stats as well as your stats for the last 30 days.
  • View number of walks, total distance, total time, total calories, total steps, average pace, and average distance for each year.
  • Compare your walking averages from year to year.
  • Filter annual stats by walking route or view stats for all routes.
  • Specialized view allows you to quickly compare your progress from month to month.
  • Drill down even furgher and view your trianing progress by week.