The Walk Log Features

TopGeneral Features

Run Journal
  • Home screen dashboard shows you the most relative information about your walking when you log in.
  • Data is stored in XML format - a universally accepted text format.
  • Supports multiple users. Each user has their own data file.
  • Backup and restore options. Configure The Walk Log to automatically remind you to backup your data on a regular basis.
  • Password protect The Walk Log to prevent unwanted access.
  • Software works with your local date and numeric formatting configurations (set through Control Panel via Regional and Language Options)
  • Full set of Preference options to customize The Walk Log to work just for you!


The Walk Log has easy-to-use graphical charting utilities to help you visualize your workout progress over time.

Walk Log Charting
  • Filter all charts and graphs by walking route and/or date range
  • Configure charts to plot data for a specific date range or to total statistics by months or by year.
  • Charts offer zoom ability, point selection which highlights point values, and ability to toggle between area, line, and bar charts.
  • Chart weight gain/loss and BMI over time


The Walk Log enables you to monitor your progress over time. A variety of statistics tallied from your activity log are always one click away.

Runner's Studio Statistics
  • Display your favorite stats in the header so they are always there to encourage you.
  • Statistics module allows you to view your walking stats by year, month, and week.

TopCalendar and Workout Planner

The Walk Log has a unique feature which allows you to not only record your training walking, but it helps you plan upcoming workouts.

Workout Planning and Monthly Calendar
  • Customizable calendar view allows you to view your walking activities on a monthly calendar.
  • Display past training activities and upcoming planned workouts on your calendar.
  • Setup your calendar to compare your planned workouts with actual results. See where you’ve been and know where you are going!
  • Workout manager allows you to create common workouts and remembers them for quick entry later.
  • Use the Weekly Planner to quickly enter your planned walks.

TopPrint Center gives you a Printable Walking Log!

One of a kind Print Center allows you to print many different facets of The Walk Log.

Printable Walking Log
  • Print Activity Log, Race History, Calendar, and Charts with one of a kind Print Center.
  • Print Center provides you with standard Print Preview and Print Setup options.
  • All printable modules are fully customizable to allow you to print the information only you want.